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A leap forward in wrist rest design

With a 12mm lift, WrisTech™ takes wrist support to the next level, offering a more comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. Upgrade your workspace with WrisTech™ and experience the future of wrist rest design.

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"I love this, I work in the office 8-9hr a day, and this makes it so much easier. I had mouse pads previously and didn’t care for them. This wrist pad moves around with you, and it’s so comfortable! Highly recommend!"

John C.

"I have been using this product for over two months now. No issues at all. I love it. Initially it seemed so awkward to be using it, but now my hand glides easily over it. I can see a noticeable difference on the pain on my wrist when and when not using it. I am buying a second piece for my friend."

Henry T.

"Have used many mouse pads over the years. Previous mouse pads with the gel cushion eventually get uncomfortable and begin to compress on nerves around the wrist This sits nicely at the base of the palm and glides with mouse smoothly on a x-large desk pad, I have found it very comfortable."

Kelly K.

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