Ergonomic Wrist Rest

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    Lift Your Wrist to a Natural Position Redistribute Pressure With Curve Design Slide & Move With Your Whole Arm Soft Yet Supportive Silicone Material Perfect for Long Duration Work

Color: Right Hand (Carbon Black)


A Wrist Rest That Moves With You

Modern computer mouses don't require mousepads but this doesn't mean they are any less capable of causing pain or strains. WrisTech™ Ergonomic Wrist Rest works to support the wrist of a user.

While traditional mouse pad wrist support will simply prop the wrist upward, the WrisTech™ Ergonomic Wrist Rest is designed with the natural contours of your wrist in mind. This makes it possible to use a mouse without having to move your wrist in an improper direction that can quickly create aches, pains, tendinitis, carpal tunnel and many other ailments.

The Ergonomic Wrist Rest features a stylishly minimal aesthetic that offers far more support over existing solutions on the market.

Truly Ergonomic

WrisTech™ Ergonomic Wrist Rest reinforces the pressure from the wrist to the palm (thenar and hypothenar part) and improves your arm position by lifting your wrist for 1.2 cm and reducing the harmful extension.

Sleek Design

Its sleek black or gray design match any desk set up. The upgraded gliding feet on the wrist rest slide smoothly across your mouse pad or desk keeping your wrist aligned as you work or game. The solid base is made with soft TPU rubber infused with cooling gel for a comfortable palm placement. Works great with any productivity or gaming mouse.

Glorious & Smooth Gliding

We use extremely smooth mouse skates so that it can glide smoothly with your mouse. We've made this upgrade so that your hand can move freely while working or gaming. Compared to a still wrist rest mouse pad which causes you to bend your wrist in uncomfortable positions, the WrisTech™ Ergonomic Wrist Rest is designed with comfort and mobility in mind.

Designed for Comfort

The WrisTech™ Ergonomic Wrist Rest was designed by a team of professionals specializing in wrist health. Using the wrist rest helps relieve wrist pain and prevent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for those with long working hours or gaming on the computer.

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